Saturday, September 09, 2006

On being Man

I have done much to express my manhood today. First of all, I slept until almost 10 a.m., which given my choice of professions, was a nice change of pace. Then after a little breakfast it was time to get a chore done that had been hanging over my head for a few days.

Beth's garage door was not working right. After talking to the garage door company and several local companies, it was decided that the extension springs needed to be tightened and the control board (computer motherboard-like thing) needed to be replaced. The garage door unit itself also needed to be moved over about 2 inches to be more square.

Since the control board came in the mail a few days ago, I could no longer ignore Beth's broken garage door. So, I took out the old control board, replaced it with the new one, and then had Beth help me move the unit over a few inches.

Then it was time for football! I can, without guilt, tell you that since coming in from the garage (with a perfectly working garage door) that I have done nothing but eat and watch sports on TV. I even managed to sneak in a little nap in my leather man-chair that was an absolute MUST when we moved in here a little over a year ago.

So now as I finish watching the Longhorns lose (which causes mixed feelings of sadness and happiness ((sorry Becky, nothing personal)) I feel it's been a good day.

The feelings of sadness are because I want the Big XII to do well against non-confernece opponents. Especially, in a game as significant as this one against Ohio State. The only reason I have any sence of happiness is because I see what MIGHT be a chink in the armor of the mighty Longhorns that MIGHT mean Tech has a shot at a win this year...especially since we play the Longhorns at home in Lubbock. The thing that worries me is that this Longhorn team is only going to get better and my Red Raiders had better get better themselves.

I love college football.