Thursday, June 22, 2006

One Day More

On June 24, 2005 I began a journey called internship, residency, or graduate medical education. Take your pick. Tomorrow, a leg of that journey ends. Tomorrow is my last day as an intern. Tuesday was my last night of call as an intern. My next night of call, I will be responsible for some new intern (who starts this Saturday, June 24, 2006).

As with the passing of any year, the past 354 days have brought changes. I started to list them off, but have suddenly lost the motivation. Well, here are a few.

1. I legally wrote an order in the hospital for a patient to get OxyContin (which would have been enough to kill me, but he had built up a tolerance).

2. I crashed a 10 yr. high school reunion--moved after soph yr, but went anyway. I had a great time. Reconnected with some dear friends. Even the ones who bailed and didn't show, but will remain nameless to protect the guilty.

3. Good friends moved away.

4. Friends hace divorced.

5. My niece has grown--AND IS TOO CUTE!!!

6. I still don't have children (ok this is the same, but there are some out there that wish this would change...keep wishing for now)

7. The Astros made it to the World Series.

8. Beth went to Game 5 of the 2005 NLCS where Pujols hit s game winning 3-run HR in the top of the 9th with the Astros 1 out away from their first World Series.

9. She left early. She didn't see the home run. That's the night we met Stella.

9a. I survived 11 call nights in the Medical ICU with an idiot for an upper level.

10. Jeremy and Vanessa got married.

11. We had family to our house for Christmas for the first time. It may be the last.

12. I started my first rotation on the Pediatric side in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) and I pray daily that I never have to go back. My first Pedi rotation in 2 1/2 years. What a nightmare.

13. I learned the day BEFORE the NICU rotation that my attending "was disappointed and expected more of me." HELLO!?!?! You waited 28 days to tell me this because...?

14. I saw the Lion King for the first time in San Antonio, in a theater that I performed in while in college.

15. I've seen hundreds of patients and went through a dozen pens. As in, ran out of ink and had to get a new one.

16. I've written my name so many times in the last year that there's no way I will EVER forget it.

17. Pharmicist are annoying.

18. Patients lie.

19. I can't say that the parents of my pediatric patients annoy me, because they are my patients, too. At least they can be.

20. I met Roger Clemens this week and got him to sign a t-shirt for me.

21. I will be tired for the rest of my life.

Ok, I will stop now. I'm not sure exactly what the above really is...but then again, the title of my blog is "Ramblings of a Med/Peds Intern". And thus, I have rambled.

Look for a title change in a few days. First, "Vacationing Med/Peds Intern". Then July 1, either, "New Med/Peds Resident" or "Scared out of his mind Med/Peds PGY-2"

Finally, the last thing new this year,, which makes me wonder if I'm some sort of online predator. Just kidding FBI and Mr. Homeland Security. No need to come to my house and confiscate my computer. I'm a pediatrician and I protect kids. You can refer to the 12 or so physician statements I've filled out in the last 3 months for CPS stating whether or not I thought a child's injury was the result of abuse or just some freak accident.

My pledge for the PGY-2 year of my residency (it's 4 total in case you've forgotten)

1. To continue to educate people as to what the heck it is that I'm doing. No one knows what Med/Peds is.

2. To blog more. Especially for my adoring fans who read everyday.

3. To read more.

4. To sleep...SOME.

5. To watch the 20 or so movies that I missed in the last year.

6. To be a better husband. This one should actually be first. There's always room for improvement.

7. To consider having children. Even considering it at this point is HUGE. But that does NOT give you the ok to ask. When it's time, I'll tell you, PROMISE.

8. To continue to strive to be the best doctor that I can.

9. To get more sleep.

It's time for me to go.

More soon. See number 2 above.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Is this me of whom you are speaking? (our English teachers would be proud)

Well, in 3 short days (5:00 p.m. CST, June 23rd), I will no longer be an intern. Does that mean that I have to rename the blog? I have been contemplating this thought for several days now. Your input would be greatly appreciated. Changing the title would be easy enough, and I guess the web address could stay.

3 days. My, my my...has it really be 52 weeks ago that I began the journey called internship? Much is left to reflect upon, and being an "upper level" will certainly bring many new challenges.

I will leave this for now, but I PROMISE that in a few short days I will satisfy your curiosity with the brilliance that is this blog.

Now stop laughing, get up off the floor, and get back to work.

3 days.