Friday, June 24, 2005

Day 1, OVER

Well, I guess you could say that I've survived my first day as a doctor. I actually had a nurse call me and ask what to do about a patient with chest pain. And let me just say...I've not often had quite so odd a feeling as I did today when I wrote a prescription for pain medicine for a patient to take to Walgreens or CVS, and signed MY NAME to it. Uh, that's weird.

Day one as a Med/Peds Intern began at 6:00 a.m., that's when I arrived at the hospital. I was up at 5:00! Thanks to the modern advances of technology, I was able to look up SOME information on my patients last night from home. Please understand that when speaking about patients or things I MIGHT have seen, I must be vague and general. HIPAA regulations guarantee patients the right to privacy and I personally could be fined THOUSANDS of dollars if it's found that I violate that privacy. So I won't. Anyway, I began to see my patients, introduce myself, and write notes in their charts that will forever, good or bad, be a part of their medical history.

It's all a little surreal. Today was not a bad day. Yes, it could have been better. Yes, I wish my resident had held my hand a little more..he didn't even check the prescriptions I wrote...we just sent the patient home...but at the same time, it's here. It's real. The chance to make a difference.

I covet your prayers that God will watch over me and guide me. That He'll make His presence felt, especially in those dark hours that are sure to come.

Please don't email me and ask for narcotics. The answer is no.

Jeremy L. Brown, M.D.
Internal Medicine/Pediatrics Intern
364 of 365 days as an intern to go

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Graduation cake made by Lorinna Hopping
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Life moves on

It's been 6 weeks or so since I've lasted posted. MUCH has happened! I will briefly recap. Beth and I moved into our new home on May 21. My dad came to visit on 3 days later and I don't know that he's EVER going to come back. After giving Lowe's Home Improvement store more money that I should have, we spent the next 4 days hanging celing fans, mini blinds ( a WHOLE house full) and 2 garage door openers. We didn't even get to the surround sound. We bought a lawn mower and weed-eater...after all the yard isn't going to mow itself. And then I HAD TO HAVE a grill, which will be used for the first time this Monday. Mary Fritz and I planted flowers. The splinkler system was installed and grass laid in the backyard. THEN family came. We ate, ate some more, went to my graduation from MEDICAL SCHOOL (yes, you can call me doctor), ate some MORE, then came back to the house and threw a party for 50-100 of our closest friends and family. It was more than a little nuts around here. Did I mention that Beth's friend from Oregon flew in Saturday afternoon about an hour before those 50-100 people showed up at our door? Jo Sandifer brought more work, in the form of Shasta Daisies and some Mexican Hair Grass which is now planted in the flower bed, which I LOVE! One of Beth's favorite flowers is the daisy. I can't wait for them to bloom. Billye Sims brought some fine ice cream and Jenny Fagg brought cherries. Mom and Grandmother brought banana punch (until the glass ladel broke and it had to be dumped out), banana cake and banana bread (do you sense a theme here...who knew I liked bananas so much!) Lorinna Hopping made an AMAZING cake...which I will post a picture of here when I'm done rambling. Mary Fritz brought pigs-in-a-blanket which were gone in 5 minutes. Someone in my family (at my request) brought wings from Hooters. (Please hum "These are a few of my Favorite Things" quietly to yourself. I'm sure that there are others that brought something that I have forgotten. Please DON'T shoot. I am grateful for EVERYTHING EVERYONE did to help out. Kristina and Eric were kind enough to bring my precious niece, Tori, to see us on Thursday at which time Dad quit working. She played and we all fell in love with her all over again. Please see for my sister's blog about, yup, the red-headed Tori. Laura, Will and Grandpa Henry came to help us celebrate and we are SO thankful for them and their help. I don't think the entertainment center would have gotten finished without Grandpa Henry!
I just got back today from a 1700 mile road trip that took me to Southern Illinois to my mother-in-law's house. She gave me and Beth Beth's Dad's desk. It was hand-made by a family friend. It's GORGEOUS! It's HUGE! And the only way to get it to Houston was for me to go get it. It took 13.5 hours to get there, we spent the next day and then loaded up to come home. When I say we, Chris H. went with me. I'm not sure 1700 miles was his idea of a good time, but I know it beat the alternative. You know how 16 year-olds get in trouble, right? Well, he did, and rather than sit in his room staring at the ceiling...he rode with me for 1700 miles listening to me sing everything from Evanesence to Simon & Garfunkle to Rent. Someone should tell his parents that he's been tortured enough and I'm sure he'll never do what it was that got him into trouble in the first place. Yes, I know what that was, but it's not for me to rat him out on the internet. Thanks Chris, I couldn't have done it without you.
It's good to be home. We close on the condo in a few days, I think. The buyer keeps changing her mind. July 1-June 17-July 1.
Training for me starts Tuesday with PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support) and then 2 days of Neonatal Resucsitation Program. Then hospital orientations and banquets to honor those completing their residency, and then June 24th is the first day on the job. I'm not even 100% sure where I'm starting. I bet they tell me before I have to be there though.
My 10 year high school reunion is about 5 weeks away. I am going back to Abilene even though I didn't graduate from there. I lived there for 8 years until the summer after my sophomore year of high school and 90% of my pre-college friends are there. So I am crashing their reunion and going back to catch up. I can't wait!

For those I have seen or been in correspondence with lately, your thank you note in soon coming in the mail. Until then, please know how truly blessed I know that I am to have such wonderful friends and family. Blessed that you care enough to call, write, or come and help Beth and I celebrate an important milestone in our life. God is good, and faithful, and he has blessed me beyond measure. More than I could have hoped for. To Him be the glory and may He continue to guide me in this next phase of my life.

My love and thanks to you all!