Thursday, January 11, 2007


So the Medical ICU is wearing me out. It's q3 call, which means that I am on call every 3rd day and in the hospital for 30 hours. I'm either on-call, post call, or pre-call (the day BEFORE being on call again. It doesn't leave time for much else (like blogging).

I don't think I posted it here, but on Jan. 2nd Beth and I, along with her brother and his girlfriend were in an accident. We were rear-ended and pushed into the car in front of us that I had to slam on my brake to avoid hitting. The guy behind me was already riding my bumper trying to get me to move over because I wasn't going fast enough for him and BAM! a four car accident when all we wanted was to go to Galveston for some seafood. We never made it.

No one was seriously hurt, but we still haven't heard an estimate on the damages to the Passat. It's been 9 days since the accident and 8 since I first talked to his insurance company. COME ON PEOPLE!!!!!

Worse yet, that same night, the phone rang at midnight, and Beth's grandpa had also been in an accident. A 21 y/o kid ran a 4-way stop at a high rate of speed and T-boned her Grandpa. His friend in the car with him was killed. Grandpa is ok, but has spent the last week in the ICU and should be moving to a rehab facility closer to home tomorrow.

It's been a rough start to 2007, but Beth and I are thankful for our health and the safety of our family.

I am making a mad dash to Lubbock on Sunday (post-call) to interview for a job Monday (pre-call) with Covenant Medical Group for when I am finished with residency in 2.5 years. I'm really excited about this opportunity. Bonus: I get to see my sister and 4 y/o old niece, and Kristina's husband too. So that will be nice. What won't be nice, is the speed of it all. I'll basically be gone 24 hours, to turn around and be on-call (30 more hours) on Tuesday.

I have found several old friends on MySpace and look forward to getting a chance to sending them a REAL email.

Lastly, the scale said 233 today post-call. 8 pounds since 12-28, 15 days ago. I already feel SO MUCH BETTER!!!! But I have a ways to go.

Right now, I have to go to bed. Thanks for reading.