Saturday, October 25, 2008

Financial Peace...almost

Anyone who has been is the same room with either me or Beth in the last 7 months has heard us talk about Dave Ramsey and his Financial Peace University.  Well, thank God for Dave.  I mean that.  2 weeks ago we took Beth's car in for an oil change and front end alignment.  4 days later, we noticed an oil spot in the driveway.  Come to find out that the cooling system was mixing with the engine oil and overflowing.

Unplanned car repair: $430

Thanks to Dave Ramsey Emergency Fund: $1000

Not fighting or worrying about where the car repair money was going to come from AND not having to pay some stupid credit card company even more in interest:  PRICELESS

The other thing I did today was stop the RIDICULOUS amount of credit card offers that come from the credit card companies.  It's EASY.  Take 5 minutes and go to this website.  Answer a few questions, print the form out, sign it, and then mail it in.  All that junk mail will STOP!  Yea!!!  I also called my credit card company to get them stop sending those dumb convenience checks.  That took less than 5 minutes and I did something positive for the environment.

I say "almost" in the title of this blog because we still have one credit card bill and my car left to pay off before we are debt free.  Yes, I'm ignoring my Medical School debt for now.  Wouldn't you?  But once the credit card and car are paid, we are essentially debt free.  But Beth and I have found peace about money in our marriage.  We still argue, but not about money.