Friday, December 30, 2005

THIS JUST IN!!!!!!!!!


Beth just received a phone call from her brother, Will. He and his wife, Alana, and her brother, Jordan, and his wife Katie, along with a drummer are in a band called Hollow.

On January 14th, they will be opening for BON JOVI!!!!

We are so excited for them and this opportunity. Remember their name, Hollow. You heard about them here first!


It's Dec. 30th, there are less than 32 hours left of 2005, um, wow. So let's reflect.

A year ago I was 15 pounds heavier than I am right now, however, I'm 15 pounds heavier than I was 7 months ago...still -15lbs total.

Match Day came and changed my life. It was settled that Beth and I would spend 4 more years in Houston while I completed a residency in Internal Medicine/Pediatrics.

I graduated medical school and went gambling with my friend Billy. I bet $5 on black 11, minimum bet was $15, he gave me $10 and yup, it hit. $540 and ONE HUGE MISUNDERSTANDING later and Billy and I are forever friends.

Beth and I moved the burbs and have part of the white picket fence scenario (no 2.5 children...yet...unless you count Dante and Picasso). The house is GREAT and when they get done building the one next door (and STOP hammering at 6:30 in the morning) it will be even better.

I was not an MD a year ago and I didn't have the power to write prescriptions. Since then, I have I written orders in the hospital for everything from tylenol to OxyContin, morphine, and Levophed (a medicine to raise blood pressure when it's dangerously low).

I was reminded how fragile life is and how it changes in an instant. Kyle Lake was a guy I knew from Tyler, I wouldn't call us friends because we didn't really hang out and he was about 4 years older than I, but his parents were my Sunday School teachers and we had several conversations over a couple of years and Kyle never met a stranger and was always kind. Kyle was electrocuted and died in Waco seconds before he was to baptize a women into Christ. He left a wife, a daughter (5) and twins sons (3). The world has a little less light in it with him gone.

On a much happier note, I was honored to take part in the marriage of my good friends Vanessa and Jeremy Dalton. Dalton (to keep the Jeremy confusion to a minimum) was my resident when I was an RA in Wall/Gates and Texas Tech. After my taking 2 years to get into medical school, we ended up in the same med school class. His wife is in the year behind us. He's a Peds resident at UT-Houston and Vanessa is going through the match to be a pediatrician as well. Beth and I love us some Drs. Dalton. They are true friends and fellow dachshund lovers.

Christmas was spent at our house and most of our families got to come. We missed Scott, Kristina, Tori and Eric, and Beth's aunts and their families, but we got to spend time with Grandma Shirley, Grandpa Henry, Laura, Will and Alana, my Mom (Frances) and brother L.D., and my Dad even came for a few days. I wish my Granny and Grandmother had been able to make the trip, but much love to them both.

To 2006:

I'm sure you will be filled with love. Sadly, there most certainly will be loss as well. Lessons to be learned and patients to see. Memories to make and pictures to take. The road will be rough, smooth, steep, and have too many forks with too many decisions. Laughter and tears, making new friends and saying good-bye to old ones. There are songs to be sung, and blogs to type. Resolutions to make. And what would those resolutions be if there weren't a few to break. Is this the year the Lord grants us a child? Or are there roads yet to travel and lessons yet to be learned?

May the year be full of health. May the Lord have mercy on us and guide us with His love. May we stand firm in His grace when trials come and rest in His Strength knowing that His will is perfect and there is peace to be found in it. May we have the courage to make the right decisions even when they hurt and aren't easy or safe. May we hold our head high and be proud of what is good. May our dreams come true.

To you and yours,

Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Beth's new blog

Beth has created a new blog at:

I may move mine there, eventually...but I haven't had the time to stop and work with it and feel comfortable with everything.

Here's the link to my anyway:

Saturday, December 17, 2005

2nd post in 2 days

Strangely, it's a nice night in the county hospital ER. It's 12:30 Friday night (Saturday morning) and there are no patients waiting to be seen. Hmmm. There's always a bit of superstition in the ER that we don't say the "Q" word, or things go down the tube. But we have an adequate number of physicians and no patients. So I type.

For some reason, I suck at sending cards. I did send Thank you notes for graduation, but I can't seem to get motivated about mailing Christmas Cards. And I certainly can't find the motivation to take a picture, put it on a nice card and THEN mail it. COME ON! Beth and I have received several nice cards from friends. Pictures of kids and Christmas trees...and each year I tell her that we're going to send cards to family and a few friends (not everyone we've ever know), but each year, Christmas comes and goes, and the Brown's have managed to once again NOT send a Christmas card. I think that Beth is working on some, and after the Mother's Day fiasco (it's too horrific to even speak about), my mom will most definately get a card BEFORE Christmas.

I do think that we'll manage to get some cards out this year. Beth has already started. So maybe.

Random shift in thought:

I am ready to switch to the Pediatric side of my training. I have mostly enjoyed these past 6 months in Internal Medicine, but it's time for a change. I am also nervous at the same time, given that Day 1 on Peds is in the NICU. Tiny babies that came too early. I will then spend a month at MD Anderson Cancer Center followed my a month in the Pedi ER. I spent a month in the Pedi ER as a 3rd yr. med student and had a good rotation. Again, the switch from adults will be nice. I'm a little leary of kids with cancer...I have no idea how I will handle the saddness. Hopefully there will be more days of hope and joy than loss and despair.

I have found myself constantly humming Christmas carols. Two radio stations here in Houston are playing nothing but Christmas music until Christmas. Not holiday music, not season's greetings music, Christmas music. AND I LOVE IT! Even though I will spend Christmas Eve night and Christmas Day night (7 p.m.-7 a.m.) here in the ER, I still plan on having a wonderful Christmas with my wife and our families.

May this Christmas bring you happiness and joy. May your heart be filled with the love of family, food, and the celebration of Jesus' birth.

God Bless,


Thursday, December 15, 2005

For Becky

My friend Becky (Jell-O Universe) threatened me the other day if I didn't here it is. Hard to believe my last post was in OCTOBER ( I should be threatened!) but life as a resident is busy. November was a clinic month where I worked only 2 full days and 3 half days a week, sometimes..., so I really have no excuse. But there are others who have dropped the blogging ball, so I don't feel alone. I did get the chance to celebrate the marriage of Dr. & Mrs. Dalton in Lubbock and spend Thanksgiving with Mom, L.D., Grandmother, Kristina, Eric, and (the cutest little girl in the whole wide world) Tori. The rest was more than welcomed.

This month I am in the ER at the county hospital. Why would someone wait 8-9 (NINE!!!) hours to tell me they have a headache?!? Some people are really sick, like the HIV+ patient with a lung mass. Or they lady who came with a migraine, spiked a 103 fever, and left with a diagnosis of pneumonia. I'm happy to take of these patients, but've had chest pain for 2 weeks (maybe because of the cough you have) and you come to me worried about your heart??? If you were having a heart would have killed you 12-13 days ago. And oh yeah...maybe you should quit smoking. It can't be good for your obstructive sleep apnea, high blood pressure, diabetes, or reflux disease.

I may seem a bit cynical, but it's 12:30 a.m. and I am up for the night. I start working the 7 p.m. - 7 a.m. shift tomorrow night (Thurs.-Fri) so I thought the best way to prepare was to stay up all night tonight (Wed-Thurs). So I have the next 7 hours to try and find SOMETHING that is going to keep me awake. I'll probably play some more games online (Spades, Bridge) and maybe watch some TV, although I don't want to bother Beth. I also desperately need to clean the top of my desk (which I haven't seen in weeks). I would like to think that I could pass the time by reading something medical related that I need to know (anything Pediatrics at this point) but lets face it...medical texts are not the most captive reads; great sedatives, though!

Beth and I are getting ready for Christmas at the Browns'. Her step-mother, Laura, and Grandpa Henry arrive the 22nd. Her brother and sister-in-law are coming...sometime. My mom and brother are coming the 26th. Her Mom's mom and Cousin Kristin are also coming although I have no idea when. Unfortuantely, I am working nights the 22nd, 24th, 25th, and 26th. But then I have the 27th-Jan. 2nd off, which will allow me to go to Dallas to watch Tech play and WIN in the Cotton Bowl.

One (more) random thought...wasn't I alive when Southwestern Bell and AT&T were the same company? And didn't the goverment bust them up after accusing them of being a monoploy? And didn't SBC and AT&T just merge? Hmm...