Wednesday, October 31, 2007


There is much of which I can be accused.
-Not reading enough (this means about work and medicine)
-Not calling my friends often enough
-Tading cars WAY TOO OFTEN
-Not returning borrowed books, music, whatever in a timely fashion
-Many more I'm sure...

You CAN NOT accuse me of doing Halloween this year half-way. Beth wanted us to be Charlie Brown and Lucy. She had a friend at church make her a dress and she bought me a football and ordered me the Charlie Brown shirt off of the internet. Well, I wanted to do my part:

For the first time since May, 1997, I am without my goatee. Yes, it's been that long. Beth has never seen me without and frankly, I'm not sure that she's going to sleep in the same bed with me tonight she's so creeped out. Anyway, it may very well be the most spontaneous thing I have done in the last 30 yrs. And it may be another 30 before I do it again. So enjoy! HAPPY HALLOWEEN