Sunday, November 02, 2008

A Night to Remember: Wreck 'em Tech!!

There is no way that I can let this day pass without blogging about the greatest football game I've ever watched.  I will watch the last 1:29 for the rest of my life and smile.  I will remember standing in my living room, heartbroken, that after watching Tech DOMINATE Texas in every single category all night long, a late surge by one of the best quarterbacks in the country was going to leave Tech short one more time.  I've been there before, many times.  So close, yet so far away.

But I am a true fan.  And I believe.

I knew 1:29 was enough time for Tech to march down the field and score.  We'd done it 10 previous times this season.  Why should tonight be any different?  I was a bit nervous that we were out of gas.  We had certainly left it all on the field.  But I believed.

How could I not?   We have arguably the best quarterback/wide receiver combination in the country.  Of course the winning drive/touchdown was going to involve them both.  Mike Leach wasn't going to trust this fate to our "stellar" kicking team (sorry Matt Williams (I know you're REALLY new at this) and Donnie Carona, but seriously guys. kick. ball. through. uprights.).

And then that throw, catch, and touchdown that I will remember for a lifetime.  It capitalized, highlighted and symbolized a changing of the tide.  Tech CAN will the big one.  We CAN hold on and not snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Our gauntlet is just beginning.  OSU will be tough, but they're very similar to Texas, and they haven't won in Lubbock in many years.  Thankfully, we have a week off to prepare for OU in Norman.

Last, but certainly not least, the Big 12 Championship game.

I just saw that we're #2 in the BCS.  With our strength of schedule, if we win out, we play for the National Championship.

Miami, here we come.  

Remember, I believe.


GateWay said...

you make me smile Jeremy!!! It was a great game (even though I was going for Colt... remember he was a Jim Ned Indian out here in Tuscola :) but we have so many Tech friends, it was really not so bad either way... but I had to smile when I read your post! I think Lara may well have been on that "rollercoaster" of emotion with you.

Becky said...

yeah, well, hmm.

we'll see how yall fare after 3 consecutive weeks against top-11 opponen--- oh, wait, that's right, UT's schedule was super hard compared to tech's this year.

don't hold your breath for that big12 championship, is all's i'm sayin. it can seem like a sure thing, and then the next thing you know, the opponent's fans are storming the field, classing it up for everyone.

Becky said...

sorry - i'm not far enough removed from the pain to laugh about any of this yet.