Sunday, March 07, 2010

Time for a new blog???

I started this blog at the beginning of residency (June 2005). I am no longer a resident and have not posted here since April 2009.

Is it time for a new blog? There is a new little girl due to arrive on or around July 12th that will SURELY need her own space.

I still get an occasional email from medical students interested in Med/Peds as a career path and I ALWAYS welcome questions. So I will likely keep this site up, even if it is inactive.

I am now working in Palliative Medicine and as an adult hospitalist, so I could always talk about that.

Is anyone still reading this? Anyone have any thoughts?

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?


Becky said...

i vote "yes" to a new blog. i'd leae this one up and link to it, but you have grown up since starting this, and you might be more inclined to write if you had a space that reflected your situation now, not the situation you were in five years ago.

either way, you are in my reader, so be sure to post the new url if/when you decide on it.

Whitney said...

I would read!

Karen M. Cheung said...

You should! Either way on this blog or another, I'd love to see updates on your career as a palliative hospitalist.

hms said...

yes please update. would love to follow your career

Anonymous said... currently in fourth year med school and am wanting to do pediatric cardiology. Wondering how difficult that fellowship is to obtain and whether I should go from peds as opposed to med/peds which may allow me to change my mind later on.

Jeremy said...

Anonymous: Pedi Cardiology is fairly difficult to get into, but not impossible. I am assuming you have already matched into a residency program since Match was a few weeks ago.

If you know you want to do Pedi Cardiology, then do the Pedi residency. Spending 2 years in Internal Medicine won't do you any favors, unless of course you think you want to do congenital heart defects and follow them into adulthood. But THAT fellowship IS difficult to get into AND it's 5 years AFTER a 4 year Med/Peds residency.

Hope this helps.

ChristopherW said...

It'll be interesting to read what happened in the last part of your med-ped program and what got you to where you are now.
So many residents (have just finished) have no clue which routes to take when they get into the 'real' world, when to start job hunting, and what type of work they want.