Monday, April 06, 2009

I know, I know...

Yes, it's been since November since I last posted.  But I've been busy!  There's been too much that has happened to remember ALL of it, so we'll just leave it at this:  Life has continued moving forward and here I am.

So we're on vacation.  Beth and I.  Just the 2 of us.  We have THE MOST GRACIOUS HOSTS IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!!!  Friends of Beth's parents from college live in Anaheim and have been letting us stay with then since our arrival Thursday night.  Gene arranged for us a rent car AT NO COST, and then they bought our dinner Friday night in Laguna Beach.  We will NEVER be able to say thank you enough.

To rewind just a bit, February 26th, I was in a car accident.  I was making a U-turn and the first2 of 3 lanes of traffic stopped to let me turn (traffic was slow and backed up).  There was NO ONE IN THE THIRD LANE...

UNTIL I WAS 2/3 into my U-Turn and then BAM!  I hit the driver's side back door of a mini-van.  Of course it was (arguably) my fault.  She had the right-of-way, but she WASN'T THERE when I start that turn.

Anyway, I just got my car back THURSDAY April 2nd!  It looks GREAT and the reason you pay for car insurance every month is because $7200 worth of damage and 30 days of a rent car cost you a $500 deductible.  The body shop picked up the additional rent car days (insurance only pays for 30 days) because "they wanted the work done right"  I think it's because the DRAGGED their DANG FEET for 5 WEEKS and knew there was NO WAY I was going to pay for those extra days.

It's like my mom said, after 3 weeks of paying for a rent car while Beth's car was in the shop, and then driving a rent car for ANOTHER 5 weeks while mine was being fixed,  5 days of a free car while on vacation made all those weeks just a little easier to take.

I am currently enjoying vacation in the land of nuts and fruits (and I don't mean the people). Ha Ha!  There are pictures posted on my Facebook page.  Maybe you can see some of them by following this link.   Or this one.  Then there's this one to see, too.  I'll try them out in a minute to see if they work.  Chances are, if you're reading this and the links are still there, they work.

Tomorrow is more L.A. and maybe the Long Beach Aquarium at the suggestion of Kalith.  Tuesday we are back to Houston and then Wednesday morning I leave for Lubbock to meet with my future employers and to see the Daltons and my sister and her family.

I have LESS THAN 3 months of residency left.  My last day of work before vacation last week was my last day of Internal Medicine Rotations.  The last 3 months are Pediatrics.  I am going to try to Moonlight in June and save up enough money that I don't have to work in July or August before starting my new job September 1st.

There are some exciting and not so exciting things on my To Do List:
1. Finish Neuro stuff for Internal Medicine
2. START ACTIVELY studying for my Internal Medicine Boards Aug. 24th

LATE ADDITION: We're going to see RENT in Dallas with GREAT Friends in May.  We're TOO EXCITED!!!  Anthony and Adam are playing the roles they originated on Broadway; Mark and Roger, respectively.

4. Move to Lubbock
5. STUDY for my boards
6. Vacation with Beth's family in August
8. Take my boards
9. Start work

There is one cool thing coming up that I hope I can work into the plans.  Some of the Tech Choir Alum have decided to put together a reunion weekend for those that studied under Dr. Kenneth Davis.  This includes world-renown opera stars, Broadway leads, and doctors like me.  (Actually, I am one of 2 M.D.s that I know of that sang in Choir.)  There are lawyers and mothers and nurses and teachers and computer people, and well, you get the idea.

I think it's GREAT!  I haven't seem some of the people in 10-15 years!!!

There's just one problem.  The reunion is scheduled for 2 days AFTER I START working foro Covenant.  I'm not quite sure how I'm going to start work for 2 days and then ask for 2 days off.  The reunion is scheduled for a Thursday morning through Sunday night.  I am assuming that we're going to learn some music and present a concert, but I haven't heard any definite plans, yet.

So we'll see.

I'll keep you posted.  And let's face it.  It may take me that long before I post here again anyway!

Life is good right now.  The time away has been much needed and much enjoyed.

We are starting to say so long to Houston.  It is a bitter sweet time for us as we have made (hopefully) lifelong friendships that we're going to have to put some distance between.  But we are excited about the challenges ahead.  Beth is excited about her retirement (which happens to coincide with her 3_ birthday and my last day of residency.

These are thoughts best saved for another day.

If you know someone who wants to buy my house, DROP ME A LINE!!!!

Before I go,  there are a few folks that need prayers.  Some I know well, others are friends/family of friends, but I (they) covet your prayers none the less:  Christi, Jason, Tom, Adam, Eric L.'s dad are all fighting demons of sickness.  My sister's friend's home burned to the ground this last week.  It was a family home built in the early 1900s, and they lost everything.  No one was harmed, but they must start over, literally, from scratch.  I know there are others that at the moment are slipping the mind, those without jobs, those drowning in debt, those mourning the loss of loved ones, those STILL trying to recover from Hurricane IKE.  Keep these mentioned in your prayers.  Thanks.

Because of His grace,


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Drew said...

Great to see you back doing some "Ramblings". I told my wife Jennifer that I keep checking to see when they might be moving closer to us. Well, now I know! We will see you when you get to the panhandle!

Drew Altom in Amarillo, TX